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In order to improve user expirience of this website, we use cookies to monitor visits. We also use cookies to monitor your progress if you register/login.

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Cookies and Privacy

Use of Cookies

This website uses cookies for tracking website visits in order to improve user expirience while browsing web pages. Cookies are also used to monitor your progress while using free online language courses if you register and login.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a file that stores some of the settings of web pages. It is transferred via the browser on the first visit to our site. When you return to the site from the same computer, tablet or phone, your browser will check if the cookie with the web site address is still stored.

The browser then uses information from the cookie and sends them back to the site. This allows our web pages to recognize if the user has already visited this site.

Advantages of Cookies

Using browser cookies on the same computer (tablet or phone) is very useful because they can, for example, store your preferences, help us monitor how you use our site and make content appear more appropriate to your needs and way of browsing.


Any cookie that is used on this website does not collect personal information, which could be used to identify you personally.

Cookies on this site

__umta, __umtb, __umtc, __umtz: help monitor the use of web pages and give us information on how to make our website even better.

__RequestVerificationToken_Lw__: Lowers the possibilty of misuse during the registration or login to our website.

.ASPXROLES, .ETRALTAUTH, .ASP.NET_SessionId: Allow maintaining session once you log into the course. These cookies allow our website to keep track of your progress while doing exercises and tests.

acceptCookies: Stores your decision if you click I AGREE button on Cookies and Privacy pop-up.