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PROJECT TITLE: EuroTraffic Language Training (ETRALT)

PROJECT No.: 2011- 7932

AGREEMENT No.: 2011-1-SI1- LEO05-02789

DURATION: 15.10.2011 - 14.10.2013

TOTAL BUDGET: 193.644,00 €

Leonardo da Vinci GRANT: 145.233,00 €


The project focuses on the acquisition of basic communication skills needed in the road traffic sector. The main aim of the project is to develop clearly structured and audio-visually supported language learning material: a free web-based language course for linguistic preparation for mobility, for teaching workplace-related language at traffic and police schools and for providing language learning support to the professionals of the target sector. The course content is based on the evaluation of the needs analysis covering the main target groups. The results of the project will fill the gap in modern, cross-curricular vocationally oriented language teaching/learning materials by making the course applicable for integration into the curriculum, respond to the needs of transport enterprises for a time-saving and user-friendly language training course which can be used either for guided learning or self-study. They will also offer help to professionals in the traffic sector and frequent road travellers to communicate more efficiently in most frequent problem situations on the road.


  • professional drivers
  • police officers
  • students and teachers in vocational education and training for the road traffic sector
  • participants in mobility projects for the target sector
  • other (for example frequent travellers on European roads)



The expected impact of the project is: better communication skills for solving emergency situations on the road, better quality of work placements within mobility actions in the target sector and increased motivation for the acquisition of key communication skills in a foreign language by transport companies.

PARTNERSHIP (Click on logo for more information):

CONTRACTOR: Srednja šola za gostinstvo in turizem Celje

Country: Slovenia

Contact person: Darja Štiherl, project coordinator, e-mail:

Srednja šola za gostinstvo in turizem Celje (Secondary Vocational School for Catering and Tourism Celje) is one of the most modern vocational schools in Slovenia offering 5 educational programmes for the catering and tourism sector (700 regular students and adults) as well as training programmes for National Occupational Qualifications or short courses tailored to the needs of individual hotel and catering enterprises. The school has been involved in a number of Leonardo da Vinci mobility projects (IVT, PLM and VETPRO) since 2002, received 2 national Quality in Mobility awards and the European Language Label (2008). In 2010 they were the first Slovenian school which applied for the mobility project as the coordinator of a consortium of Slovenian catering schools covering 4 different Slovenian regions.

PARTNER: Avera d.o.o.

Country: Slovenia

Contact person: Miloš Marjanovič, e-mail:

Avera d.o.o. is a software development company with over 5 years of experience in the informational technologies. Using latest technologies we provide solutions that are ready for the future. Being up-to-date with new standards and technologies enables us to fulfil all demands allowing our customers to be at the very top on the always evolving, very cometitive global market.

PARTNER: Omnia, The Joint Authority of Education in Espoo Region

Country: Finnland

Contact person: Mika Heino, e-mail:

Omnia, The Joint Authority of Education in Espoo Region is a multisector joint authority of education offering vocational training at 10 locations around Espoo area. Omnia's affiliated municipalities comprise Espoo, Kirkkonummi and Kauniainen. Omnia offers vocational training to young people and adults who have completed comprehensive school or have passed the matriculation examination. The range includes twenty vocational qualifications, dozens of vocational and special vocational qualifications, extension and career training, apprenticeship training and youth workshops. InnoOmnia aims to increase the cooperation with local entrepreneurs and companies, provides premises for SME’s especially in handicraft and art. InnoOmnia supports cooperatives established by students as a learning environment, coaches entrepreneurs and teachers in entrepreneurship as an incubator and provides services for SME’s carried out by students. InnoOmnia coordinates Omnia´s international activities in global networks.

PARTNER: Srednja tehnička prometna škola Split

Country: Croatia

Contact person: Ivan Baranović, e-mail:

Srednja tehnička prometna škola Split (Secondary Vocational School for Education in Traffic and Transport Split) was established in 1956. The school provides six different educational programmes in the traffic sector for more than 730 regular students and 200 adults who have already finished school and are looking for additional training or are looking for retraining. Except Adult Education Programmes, there is also The Driving School with 40 year old long tradition. The school closely cooperates with three other schools with similar programmes in Croatia. It has a very close correspondence with the police department, national and international enterprises and HAC (Croatian roads). Except for the full time employees, the school cooperates with professionals from the traffic sector who are employees of various private and national enterprises where later on students have opportunity to do vocational training.

PARTNER: Institute of Technology Tralee

Country: Ireland

Contact person: Kristin Brogan, e-mail:

The Institute of Technology, Tralee has been to the forefront of learning since its establishment and has since, gained a reputation as a centre of distinction for teaching, learning and research. The Institute offers a range of full-time and part-time courses ranging from foundation level, through to certificate, degree, post-graduate and doctoral level. Enhancing the taught programmes at the Institute is a world class programme of research. Based on two campuses, both within easy access to the town centre, the Institute has a well-deserved reputation for friendliness and success. With a community of over 3,500 students and 250 academic staff, consisting of a diverse mix of home, EU and overseas students, you are guaranteed a warm welcome at the Institute. Located alongside the Kerry Technology Park the Institute has fostered close links with companies based in the park. Our multi-million Euro Masterplan has already seen significant developments in sporting, teaching and research.